Astorga's Restaurant

Some of the finest Mexican food on the Eastside can be found at Astorga's Restaurant ( )

Some of the finest Mexican food on the Eastside can be found at Astorga's Restaurant (

To get to the door of Astorga’s Restaurant, you have to walk past the shaded patio filled with flowers in the summer. Stepping inside, every employee says hello and smiles. Most of the workers are family members. 

The owner, cook and matriarch Lee came from Durango, Mexico, his wife Ramona from Guadalajara. The two are living their life-long dream of owning a restaurant in America. Gustavo, Jose and Amado assist with the cooking while Anna and Mandi are waitresses. Manuel is the General Manager.

Authentic and delicious ( )

Authentic and delicious (

Astorga’s Mexican Restaurant has been serving 100-precent fresh delicacies for more than 14 years. It’s been located on the corner of See Vee Lane and Highway 395 for more than 5 years. 

Astorga’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get the day rolling with Nopales con Huevos, diced cactus with eggs, Carne Asada Machaca, diced skirt steak with eggs and vegetables or the Chile Relleno Omelet.

The food smells delicious before it even gets to the table. It’s hard to pick just one. To start, try the Puntas Quesadilla with carne asada, bacon and cheese with peppers and onions is a favorite. Nachos, guacamole dip and Mexican buffalo wings are a good place to get going, too.

Chile Rellenos with homemade sauce is delicious. Enchiladas come in several flavors like cheese, beef or chicken, shrimp and Suiza. The fajitas are a favorite.

Favoritos de Mexico include carnitas, chile verde and carne asada plates, carne Adobada, homemade tamales and burritos.

Enjoy a beer or glass of wine on the patio.

The best way to find out more is to stop in at the corner of Highway 395 and See Vee Lane, across the street from the Bishop Firehouse. Check them out at or watch a short video on YouTube.

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