Slocum's Grill & Bar

Slocum's offers one of the best happy hours in town featuring "Blue Collar" beer --

Slocum's offers one of the best happy hours in town featuring "Blue Collar" beer --

Slocum’s Grill & Bar has been a Mammoth staple since 1983, and offers one of the best happy hours around (in a town replete with happy hours). 

The vibe of Slocum’s is decidedly old-school, with brass banisters, colorful yet understated wallpaper and carpeting, and servers in dress shirts and ties, skirts and high heels. 

The bartenders are the best type—older, composed, calling their patrons “sweetie,” and slinging drinks like they make them in their sleep.

If you sidle up to the bar around 4 p.m., when happy hour begins, you’ll likely find yourself seated next to a grizzled local ski bum drinking what the menu describes as a “Blue Collar” beer, most likely a Coors. You’ll also probably encounter a group of Mammoth ladies out for after-work Frescas (the Fresca is the go-to cocktail at Slocum’s—a vodka or gin mixed with fresh-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and Sprite). For those looking to get a little fancier, Skyy and Beefeater martinis are on the happy hour menu for just $6. 

Slocum’s is also famous for its Angus cheeseburger and fries for $4.50 on the happy hour menu, but don’t get too fussy, the menu states that there are “no substitutions, no exceptions,” and they’re not joking. 

The dining room is in keeping with Slocums’ theme, a steak house where filet mignon, rack of lamb, prime rib and lobster bisque is on the menu. The French onion soup and lobster bisque are both highly recommended, the latter is offered with a shot of sherry. Get it. 

Slocum’s is described as Mammoth’s version of “Cheers,” with gas lamp chandeliers hanging overhead as servers bustle through the bar and dining room. 

Slocum’s is definitely a bit of an institution in Mammoth, and not to be missed for an aprés-ski (or aprés-hike, whatever your fancy) experience. 

Sarah Rea is a freelance dirtbag-turned-journalist who has been living in the Sierra on and off for twenty years, with eight spent in Yosemite National Park and five in Mammoth Lakes. She likes dogs, rocks, good food and jumping into cold water.