Alabama Hills Café

Alabama Hill Café features delicious food, including bear-shaped pancakes

Alabama Hill Café features delicious food, including bear-shaped pancakes

Just off Highway 395 on Post Street, this hole in the wall serves the freshest pastries and pies in the southern part of Inyo County. It also offers vegan and vegetarian fare, beer and mimosas, pancakes and fresh tuna. There’s something for everyone, so there’s no need not to stop.

The place is small and usually packed, so while you wait, get a slice of pie, a piece of cake, or whatever’s fresh that day.

The café makes a mean chicken fried steak smothered in gravy but they also serve vegan and vegetarian options like grilled veggies or the Errol Flynn Scramble; eggs, jack and cheddar cheese, chiles and topped with salsa, with or without ham. Another favorite is the Iron Man, with spinach, avocado, mushrooms, tomato, and fresh hollandaise.

The bread for the French Toast is made fresh on-site. And, before you ask kids, yes, they make bear-shaped pancakes, too.

They offer an Ahi pan seared tuna salad or sandwich, ½ pound burgers, sandwiches piled high and wraps along with gigantic beer-battered onion rings

Alabama Hills Café serves what’s called California Country Cuisine; fresh, local ingredients are used to create healthy meals, along with large portions of gravy and fried potatoes.  

There are pictures of local rock locations on the wall like the “Football Player,” “Batman,” and the “Bishop.” It gives the kids something to look for during a tour of the Alabama Hills.

The café opens at 7 a.m., closes at 2 a.m.

Mike Bodine has been reporting on the small town news and gossip of the Eastside for more than 15 years.