Great Basin Bakery

Great Basin Bakery is a staple for pastries, bagels, breakfast, and lunch

Great Basin Bakery is a staple for pastries, bagels, breakfast, and lunch

For years, Erick Schat’s Bakkery has been the only game in town for fresh bread and pastries. Then Great Basin Bakery opened its doors and the sweet smell of bagels and pies and vegan cookies wafted through the Owens Valley. 

Like most places in Bishop, the bakery is super chill. It’s the locals spot as much as Schat’s is a tourist attraction. 

There are bagels of every flavor for a buck or two, rustic ciabatta and roasted garlic sourdough, cookies including the local’s favorite, the Cowgirl, pies for $17, cinnamon rolls for $2.50, quick breads, and dinner rolls along with sandwiches, salads starting at $5 and fresh made soups. Yes, the locally roasted coffee is delicious, too.  

It’s one of the best places for a healthy breakfast or lunch in Bishop.

The bakery started in 2003 by Robin Bolser and Brooke Yarnell. The two were biologists studying water quality but their minds turned to a life of baking. Three months later the two were delivering bagels to local markets. Sales that first day amounted to $28. Today, there are 20 employees with gross sales approaching $1 million. Bolser bought out Yarnell in 2005 and is the sole proprietor.

Bolser has worked tirelessly to build the shop into one of the hottest eateries on the Eastside. Her husband Jeff Perry(dog) helped with the remodeling and design and their daughters are learning how to wrap treats and will eventually learn the trade.

Great Basin also supports local and organic farms and local events. There’s not an event in Bishop that doesn’t’ have a pile of free Basin bagels.

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