Mammoth Rock 'n Bowl

Mammoth Rock 'n Bowl offers great food, golf simulators, and of course bowling -- sometimes cosmic! ( )

Mammoth Rock 'n Bowl offers great food, golf simulators, and of course bowling -- sometimes cosmic! (

Mammoth Rock ’n Bowl is one of the town’s newest additions, opening up in 2014. It’s got a more modern feel than a lot of the town’s establishments, with a slick bar downstairs and a brasserie run by French chef Frederic Pierrel (formerly of Lakefront fame) upstairs with epic views of The Sherwins. It’s capitalized on the kitsch of cult classic bowling films like Kingpin and, of course, The Big Lebowski (White Russians are on the menu at the bar and there are art deco-style posters of the films lining the halls on the way to the bathrooms). 

Prices for bowling can definitely add up during peak hours and season (think $8 per game and $60 per lane), but if you hit it right, you can get some screaming deals (ladies’ night on Thursdays means gals bowl free, plus get free shoe rentals!). 

They also do a “Bowling ’n Beats” event on Monday night with local DJs and themes—show up in a costume and get $3 games, plus food and drink specials. Check their website for the weekly theme. 

They also feature three indoor high-def golf simulators, which apparently sit he same system used by the PGA Tour professionals. I’m not a golfer, so I can’t speak to the awesomeness of this system, but it is fun to check out people’s swing, and you can buy golf schwag (checkered pants, anyone?) in th middle of winter. If that’s something you’re into. 

Their bar menu is one of the best, if not also one of the most expensive, in town (they don’t list the prices on their online menu, so you know it’s bad). Try the MRB Poutine with pulled pork or the French Onion Soup. Skip the pizzas. They’re also not really known for the strength of their drinks, so keep that in mind when ordering your $8 White Russian. 

If you’re feeling fancy, head upstairs for Chef Pierrel’s cuisine. He’s been in town for a long time and, while his menu can be rather predictable, it’s classically French and pretty damn good. He’s the guy to see for a bone-in ribeye steak or elk medallions. 

Mammoth Rock ’n Bowl and Mammoth Rock Brasserie is located at 3029 Chateau Road in Mammoth Lakes. 760.934.4200 or

Sarah Rea is a freelance dirtbag-turned-journalist who has been living in the Sierra on and off for twenty years, with eight spent in Yosemite National Park and five in Mammoth Lakes. She likes dogs, rocks, good food and jumping into cold water.